Hair oils - RANKING

What's Hair Oil?

Hair oil is considered as an essential beauty product that each girl should carry in the make-up bag. Why is that? Because there's no better product to style your hair, nothing will take care of your scalp in such a complex way, as none of the preparations delivers such amazing effects as natural oils do. You don’t believe in this magic power of hair oils, do you? Choose one of the oils listed in the ranking below to change your mind and prove yourself wrong. You’ll notice that thanks to the oil hair treatment, your strands gets more and more beautiful! By the way, do you know how the oils used in cosmetics are extracted? These precious substances are taken from fruit and herbs due to cold-press process. In order to let the oil preserve its valuable features, it mustn't be purified; which means that it can't be refined. Only this kind of oils can turn your hair into being stunning and healthier. Check it!

Hair Oil - Action And Features

Probably you aren't aware of the remarkable features hair oils possess. Such products are designed to take care of all hair types. They work both superficially as they can affect the inner structures of strands. What's more, hair oils maintain right level of strands’ moisture, deliver plenty of nourishing and active substances, provide healthy shine as well as they are able to counteract frizz and static. Moreover, hair oils facilitate combing, accelerate drying time, protect against high temperature produced by hair tools as well as they are helpful at styling even the most complicated hairdos. Did you know that some hair oils have also healing action? To illustrate, they can reduce dandruff, limit excessive sebum production, soothe irritations, counteract premature hair gearing and hair loss, neutralize free radicals. They can even accelerate hair growth. Finally, hair oils can regenerate damaged strands, rebuild split ends and nourish scalp deeply.

What's In A Hair Oil? The Most Important Substances

The best hair oils contain natural substances. There we can find the real power of vitamins and minerals. In order to nourish and reinforce hair, choose oils containing the following vitamins: A, B, C, E, H and F. Zinc, copper and silica are the elements that will also contribute to improving condition of your scalp and strands. If you really care for healthy hair, apply products that contain Essential Fatty Acids.

How To Do It? Application Of Hair Oils

There’s no easier way to pamper your strands than using hair oils. Do you dare to bet? It's enough to apply just a few drops of a hair oil onto either pre- or already washed hair to see the immediate outcomes the product delivers. It's easy, isn't it? Actually, many girls do so-called oil hair treatment. What is this procedure about? In short, you have to apply a great dose of an oil onto your hair, put on a plastic cap, a towel or a thick hat, and wait a few hours. After the period passes, shampoo hair precisely and dry the strands. Your hairdo will be outstandingly gorgeous afterwards.

Here’s The Ranking Of The Best Hair Oils. Check Out Our Types!

Apart from plenty of useful information, you’ll also find here the hair oil ranking. The products were selected on the basis of the last year’s test conducted on the group of 1000 women at all ages. Hairdressers, hair-maniacs as well as other females who are familiar with the subject of hair care and styling were invited to take part in the test. The research lasted around three months. This is the period when the participants noticed effects. Read the ranking below so you’ll probably find your new favourite and irreplaceable hair oil. Enjoy the reading and good luck!

Nanoil, hair oil

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L’Oreal Mythic Oil

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Davines OI Oil

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Kemon Bellessere

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How Much Is A Hair Oil And Where To Buy It?

Fortunately, hair oils are easy-accessible. You can buy them in a drugstore, a perfumery, eco-shops and on the Internet. Basically, it’s up to you whether you prefer leaving home to get the product or not. Bear in mind that the price of a hair oil depends on the place you shop. Both regular shops as well as e-shops frequently offer discounts. All you have to do is wait for holiday bargains or buy two items at a single purchase; which, in most cases, will entitle you to pay less for an item.

Cosmetic Forum. Hair Oil - Comments

If you still don't know which hair oil to choose, try to read Internet forums devoted to cosmetics. Girls, who use such products, will help you to find the right oil as they will give you advice on how to use a particular product. It's also advisable to spare some time on reading hair-maniacs, hairdressers and hair stylists' blogs and webpages. There you can find plenty of information that definitely helps you compare specific hair products. Indeed, nowadays hair oils are very popular cosmetics that are often evaluated, recommended and willingly used by many people.

Hair Porosity - What's That?

It's nothing more than just the angle at which hair cuticles are raised from the hair shaft. Actually, there're three main types of hair porosity: high, medium and low. High porosity hair is dry, damaged, easy to style and absorbs moisture very fast. Medium porosity hair is considered as healthy. Although this type of hair is easy to take care of, such strands aren't damage-resistant. When it comes to low porosity hair, it's sleek and glossy though hard to style or dye.

How to determine hair porosity? Conduct a simple test using just a glass of water. Take a few of your hairs and put them into the glass filled with water. Observe the hairs carefully. If you notice them sinking, reaching the bottom of the glass, then you can consider your strands as high porosity. On the other hand, when hairs float on the water’s surface, then your strands have low porosity type.

EFA - Essential Fatty Acids In Hair Oils

Hair oils contain Essential Fatty Acids, including mono-saturated, poly-saturated and saturated. Mono-saturated EFA are composed of small-sized molecules, which makes them ideal to treat medium porosity hair. Moreover, they contain Omega-9 acids. This group includes the following oils: sweet almond oil, macadamia oil and olive oil. Poly-saturated oils contain big-sized molecules therefore, they are perfect to pamper high porosity hair. Such oils are the source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 aids. This group includes the following oils: linseed oil, sunflower oil, soy oil and corn oil. When it comes to low porosity hair treatment, it's advised to pamper this kind of strands with the use of saturated acids only. The truth is, cosmetic butter is more common name for this set of acids, and it include: coconut oil, palm oil, babassu oil as well as Shea, mano and cocoa butter.