Kemon Bellessere

Who Is Kemon Bellessere Hair Oil Designed For?

Kemon Bellessere is recommended to treat all hair types. Natural substances take care of strands and scalp. The hair oil has very delicate and sensual fragrance that will accompany you through the whole day.

How Does Kemon Bellessere Hair Oil Work?

Kemon Bellessere has nourishing, regenerative and protective action. Light consistency penetrates deep into all hair layers promptly, doesn’t weight strands down nor leaves any greasy coat on them. Moreover, the product strengthens hair bulbs, slows down hair loss and greying. Apart from that, Kemon Bellessere has also moistening action as it makes hair flexible. As a consequence, strands become easy to comb and style.

During the treatment, hair turns into being glossy and silky smooth.

What’s Hidden Inside Kemon Bellessere Hair Oil?

The hair oil contains two precious ingredients. Argan oil is rich in vitamin E and Omega-6 acids. It protects hair and scalp against free radicals and harmful substances originating from the external environment. Linseed oil protects, moistens and delivers gloss to strands.

How To Apply Kemon Bellessere Hair Oil?

Kemon Bellessere can be used on daily basis or after drying and straightening strands. Just a small amount of the cosmetic is enough to nourish hair and take care of scalp. Warm two or three pumps of the oil up on the palms of your hands, and proceed with rubbing the product into strands, starting from the hair ends. After a few hours, wash the cosmetic using a delicate shampoo. Style the hair as usual.

Where To Buy And How Much Does Kemon Bellessere Cost?

Kemon Bellessere hair oil is available in two capacity versions: 50 ml and 125 ml. You can buy it in professional shops with hair products as well as in big drugstores. You can find the product on the Internet as well.


  • protects, regenerates and nourishes
  • moistens and delivers gloss
  • contains argan oil and linseed oil
  • available in two capacity versions


  • hard to get
  • different manner of application; the oil has to be applied from the hair ends upwards
  • probably you won’t buy the oil in your local drugstore
  • plastic package

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