Dove Pure Care Dry Oil

Who Is Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Hair Oil Designed For?

Dove Pure Care Dry Oi is recommended for all hair types. It can be used by girls with fine hair as well as those with thick strands. What’s more, it works equally effective on straight, curly and wavy hair. If you would like to match a treatment to a particular hair type, better choose another Dove product.

How Does Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Work?

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil deeply nourishes, softens and smooths strands. It protects hair against UV radiation, harmful external agents and too frequent dyeing. The oil is absorbed almost the moment applied. The great advantage of the product is that it doesn’t weight hair down thanks to its extremely light consistency. Moreover, Dove Pure Care Dry Oil makes hair flexible, nourished and protected. It reduces frizz and static, smooths strands’ surface and facilitates hair styling.

What’s Hidden Inside Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Hair Oil?

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil contains macadamia nut oil. This substance is known for being absorbed fast, it doesn’t leave any greasy coat nor weights hair down. Basically, macadamia oil moistures, strengthens and prevents excessive hair loss. Moreover, it accelerates drying time as it’s helpful at combing.

The product protects hair during dyeing procedure.

How To Apply Dove Pure Care Dry Oil?

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil is sold in a bottle featuring a pump dispenser. Such an applicator facilitates using the product. How to put on the hair oil? Get three or four pumps of the product, warm them up on the palms of your hands and distribute from the mid-lengths downwards, reaching the hair ends. Apply Dove Pure Care Dry Oil 30 minutes before shampooing. After that, wash the hair thoroughly. When your hair is dry again, rub a few drops of the oil into the hair ends. In order to improve action of your favourite hair mask or a conditioner, mixt the product with a few drops of Dove Pure Care Dry Oil.

Where To Buy And How Much Does Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Cost?

A single package of Dove Pure Care Dry Oil stores 100 ml of the product. The price of the cosmetic is very low, which might say a little bit about the product’s quality and the ingredients it’s made from. Where can you buy the product? It’s available in all drugstores and convenience stores.


  • takes care of fine and thick hair as well as of fair and dark
  • nourishes, smooths and delivers gloss
  • protects against UV radiation
  • various manners of application possible
  • easy-accessible
  • relatively cheap


  • low price implies the low quality of the product and the ingredients
  • if you want to treat your hair in a complex way, you have to use other cosmetics from the same brand
  • you have to wait long to notice the outcomes
  • low efficiency

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