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Who Is Nanoil, Hair Oil
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Nanoil Hair Oil is recommended for all people, regardless of their hair porosity, age, and even sex. How is it possible? There are three versions of the cosmetic produced, for hair that is low, medium and high porosity type. Thanks to the substances selected accordingly to the hair needs, you’ll take care of the scalp in a professional way. Give it a try!

How Does Nanoil, Hair Oil Work?

Nanoil hair oil influences both the scalp and strands. It’s action and features depend on the type of the product we choose. To clarify, the oil designed for low porosity hair facilitates styling, improves combability and helps with blow-drying. It lifts up hair at its roots which makes a hairdo visibly thicker. Besides, the product regulates sebum production by preventing greasy scalp. The oil recommended for medium porosity hair regenerates split ends, gifts hair with gloss and smooths frizzy strands. It nourishes hair bulbs counteracting hair loss and brittleness. The scalp restores its natural pH level while the oil delivers moisture to dehydrated hair ends and keeps the scalp in good condition. The oil created to treat high porosity hair nourishes and moistens damaged strands, delivers gloss and smooths strands affected by static.

Moreover, it provides hair with protection against the damaging environmental factors, detergents and improper combing.

What’s Hidden Inside Nanoil, Hair Oil?

Nanoil hair oil contains vegetable oils, vitamins, sunscreen and substances responsible for improving the looks of strands and accelerating their growth; hair gets longer and thicker. Each oil version’s composition is different. They were composed in such a way to affect hair and the scalp. The oils, regardless their target (whether it’s to treat low, medium or high porosity hair) will deal with the various problems the scalp encounters. Thanks to Nanoil, your strands will be well-conditioned, strengthened and regenerated.

How To Apply Nanoil, Hair Oil?

The bottle of Nanoil hair oil goes with a pump. Such an applicator makes using the product easier as it facilitates the daily application of the oil. Put Nanoil either on dry or wet (towelled) hair, on the entire hair length or just on the roots. The cosmetic can be used right after hair washing or after drying. Nanoil also serves male facial hair well.

Where To Buy And How Much Does Nanoil, Hair Oil Cost?

You can buy Nanoil hair oil on the producer’s web page. As for the cosmetic focusing on treating a particular hair type and containing plenty of natural substances, you will pay an appropriate amount of money.


  • regenerates damaged hair
  • moistens scalp
  • rebuilds split ends
  • smooths, delivers gloss and nourishes strands
  • counteracts frizz and static
  • can be applied to damp and dry hair
  • the bottle has a large capacity
  • the oil is easy-accessible
  • contains plenty of natural substances
  • the first effects become visible after a month


  • the big bottle can’t rather be packed into a holiday suitcase

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