Davines OI Oil

Who Is Davines OI Oil Designed For?

Davines OI Oil is recommended for all hair types. It takes care of both thin as well as dense strands. Also, it takes care of straight and curly, natural and dyed, weakened or strengthened strands. If you really want to get beautiful hairdo, give a try to Davines OI Oil.

How Does Davines OI Oil Work?

Davines OI Oil works equally effective from the inside as well as from the outside of hair. It delivers smoothness and natural shine to strands. The product rebuilds hair damaged due to high temperature, harmful substances and forceful brushing. Moreover, the product counteracts tangling. It makes combing easier and accelerates drying time. It works anti-frizz and anti-static. Davines OI Oil contains natural antioxidants therefore, it combats free radicals.

What’s Hidden Inside Davines OI Oil?

Davines OI Oil contains a blend of two silicones and roucou oil. Silicones are for protecting strands against damaging agents originating from the external environment, high temperature as well as against mechanical and chemical damages.

Roucou oil in turn, has anti-oxygenating, moistening and smoothing action. It shields hair against UV radiation, counteracts pre-mature greying and has antibacterial qualities.

How To Apply Davines OI Oil?

Davines OI Oil is closed in a transparent bottle that finishes with a pump dispenser. Just two or three doses are enough to beautify and nourish hair. Apply the oil to damp hair; don’t forget about hair ends. If you are for shining strands, apply the cosmetic to clean and dry hair.

Where To Buy And How Much Does Davines OI Oil Cost?

A single package stores 135 ml of the product. You can buy Davines OI Oil on the Internet and in bigger shops with professional hair products. Basically, some professional hair salons also have the oil in their offer. When it comes to price of Davines OI Oil, it’s considered as rather high. Nevertheless, if you want to get beautiful hair, you need to give a try to the cosmetic.


  • affects hair from the inside and outside
  • counteracts tangling
  • protects against UV radiation
  • transparent package; easy to monitor the consumption of the product
  • great capacity; 135 ml


  • hard to get
  • contains only one oil
  • some people might find the silicones included into the composition off-putting

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